10 Things You Should Do During Black Friday

Besides Thanksgiving, Black Friday is the most awaited day in November. Coming from America, this particular day will mark the early celebration of bigger event in December; Christmas. On Black Friday, department stores and malls will give various discounts and price drops for the customer. Even better, to cater people’s wishes to shop more, they will open up until midnight. Many items get discount and low prices from electronics, cosmetics, clothes, accessories, to shoes. No wonder that Black Friday is highly anticipated by shopaholic. If you want to join the crowd to hunt your favorite items sold in crazy price, here we share 10 things you should do during Black Friday.


First, weeks before Black Friday, you can make a list of things you need to purchase. If you want to buy presents for Christmas, you may list the names of family or friends. This will greatly help you organize your shopping.

Second, if you happen to be a member of certain actual or online store, find out whether they offer special discount for member. You can also purchase shopping vouchers beforehand to manage your budget.

Third, despite the low prices, you should consider not to buy unnecessary stuffs. Buy items that you think will be useful in the future. Do not be an impulsive shopper by taking home some stuff just because they look cute.

Fourth, before Black Friday comes, you should have great stamina. Shopping is not only taking time and money, but also energy especially on the day where you will find people queueing in every store. Thus, you need to eat a lot before hunting down low prices. Make sure to have a good sleep as well.

Fifth, on the D-Day, you should make a shopping strategy. You need to find out what where your target stores are located, what time they open, or which store offers the highest discount. This way, you can manage your time wisely.

Sixth, it is highly recommended not to bring children to the stores on Black Friday. Due to the big crowd, chances of your children get lost are high. This way, you can also move freely from one store to another without getting trouble.

Seventh, Black Friday only comes once in a year. Thus, rather than buying small and trivial stuffs you can purchase anytime, it will be much better to focus on larger and expensive items such as laptops, mobile phones, or cameras.

Eighth, to avoid boredom while queueing on the cashier, you may bring your iPod, books, or magazines to help spending the time.

Ninth, do not bring too much money. Bring certain amount of money that you think will be enough for shopping. Rather than credit card, it will be better to pay in cash to make it easier to control the flow cash.

Last, if you miss out Black Friday, do not worry because there is still Cyber Monday where you can purchase items with up to 50% discount online.


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