2017 – New Year Resolution

Everybody is really happy to welcome this New Year. Are you ready to welcome 2017? Somehow, you have done so many things in 2017. There were so many good things that you have done, but there were also bad things that you have done in 2016. Therefore, you need to have a New Year resolution. What is a New Year resolution? It is a statement that you are ready to welcome New Year and you are ready to fix what left behind or fix something that you have not reached yet in 2016 and hopefully, you can be a better person in 2017.

2017 New Year Resolution

Why is a New Year resolution so important? Perhaps, for some people, New Year is just a new year that has no influence at all and they never think about having a New Year resolution. But, some of the others think that New Year is something crucial that in the end of the year, there must be a summary of life whether you have done better in 2016 and if you did not do good things in 2016, then you can fix it in 2017. So, New Year resolution is like a self-motivation to be a better person and you can make what you have done as a lesson.

There are some examples of New Year resolution that you can have. For instance, you do not have a good job in 2016 that makes you disappointed in yourself, but when you have a New Year Resolution, you can be motivated to find a better job in 2017. You have to embed your intention to get a better job so that you can reach it. When you consider it as a serious thing, then you will be more spirited to run your life in the next year. You have to review what you have done in 2016 and give a conclusion if your life in 2016 was very satisfying or you did get satisfied at all. So, your job is to make sure that you feel satisfied with the next year’s life that you are about to face.

However, New Year resolution is just an option for those who need some motivations or for those who think that their life in the previous year was not as good as they expect. Regret comes after, but when you think about a New Year resolution, you do not need to think about your regret. What you need to do is to improve your life quality and reach what you have not reached in the previous year. At least, you have some effort to do good things after realizing that you have so many bad things that you have done before.

Well, what is your New Year resolution? This is a good moment for those who want to be good people. It is advisable to have a New Year resolution because it can be your good motivation to increase your spirit to face the next year’s life that may be better than before.


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