4 New Smartphones that Use Curved Screen in 2017

There are a lot of smartphone manufacturers that are releasing their flagship series with curved screens and no bezel. In addition to the dual cameras, this curved screen is indeed a marker level of sophistication of smartphones in the present. Just look at the new Samsung Galaxy S8 with duo screen that was released a few weeks ago. But, Samsung is not the only brand that adopts this new technology.

curved screen phone

Here are some smartphones that allegedly will be released in 2017 with a curved screen.

iPhone 8

Apple was known to have ordered a total of 95 million units of OLED screen from Samsung. This order indicated that Apple would change the design of the next generation iPhone using Samsung’s display technology. This design change definitely is different from the screen design on Samsung Galaxy S8. But it is likely that Apple has released the iPhone 8 that uses a curved OLED display, flexible and without a bezel.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Samsung has loudly said that they will never give up on developing the Galaxy Note series. Even after the fatal failure that was experienced by the Galaxy Note 7 series, they still have ideas and confidence to develop better. Well, the promise is that they will release the Galaxy Note 8 with better features, safer and more innovative.

Most likely, the promise will be realized in the form of Galaxy Note 8 high specification and has a curved screen almost without a bezel. As we know that making curved screen is Samsung expertise. They also have applied it to their smartphones for several times and the last one is applied to the Galaxy S8 duo. In addition, there is a possibility that Samsung equips Galaxy Note 8 with 4K resolution, Exynos 9 or Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chipset, and RAM 6 or 8 GB.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2

Xiaomi has released the Mi Mix smartphone with the advantage of a 6.4-inch screen that barely has a bezel last year. When viewed from the front side, the entire section seems to contain the screen and it is leaving only a thin line as the framework. The sequel, the Mi Mix 2 is likely to have better specs and look. Currently, Xiaomi itself is rumored to be working on the smartphone and ask for Phillipe Starck help for the design. The final form of Mi Mix 2 expected is a smartphone that has a full screen without border and any physical buttons.

Google Pixel 2

Lately, there are a lot of rumors about Google’s plan to embed a curved screen on Pixel 2. It seems that Google is really serious about their plan. The indicator is an investment of 880 billion US dollars which was disbursed by Google on LG flexible display business. This investment is conducted to secure the curved OLED screen specifically designed for Google smartphones. This curved OLED screen will be applied to Google Pixel 2 and certainly, they will try to make some improvement and innovation to so that all of their smartphones have the curved screen technology in the future.


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