5 Marketing Tips to Grow Your Business Using Instagram

For most of us, Instagram is just an online gallery, but for the business owner, it is a great marketing platform. While Instagram is dominated by huge companies such as Nike, Coca-Cola, Starbucks, and the like, but it does not mean that small business cannot take advantage of the social media platform.

Grow Your Business Using Instagram

The best thing about Instagram is you do not have to be a big size company to get the advantage from Instagram because the platform allows small business to compete with big companies as well. In fact, there are gold mines opportunities to explore in Instagram. If you are not yet using the platform for business, here are 5 marketing tips you can use to grow business using Instagram.


Optimize free tools

Instagram just started to launch the business profiles which somehow mimics Facebook’s business feature. It features huge contact option which allows users to email, text, and call the business right away. In addition to the contact option, a business profile in Instagram features access to analytic which called Insights. This feature gives users access to engagement and impression data. To enjoy this feature, firstly you need to convert personal account to business account.


Create winning profile and get connected

As a company, there are lots of things to be done including an offer for a solution. Instagram provides 150 characters for profile detail. Use this profile detail section or usually called Bio to focus on the important thing, promotion, event announcement, or product launch. Put the link to your website, event registration, purchases page, application download, and more on the clickable link on the Bio. Make sure to put short, informative, and winning profile to gain followers’ trust.

Connecting Instagram account with other social media platform such as Twitter, Facebook. Tumblr and more is also a good idea. Through this way, a new post will automatically update to these accounts as well.


Use Instagram stories

In case you are not familiar with Instagram stories, it is the latest feature which allows you to upload pictures and videos to “story”. The story feature will last for 24 hours just like Snapchat stories. The best thing about the story feature is it can be used to share behind-the-scenes content which does not have to in high-quality photos. Stories mostly appear on the top of the timelines right under the Instagram logo. You can also tag other accounts for collaboration and add hashtags to make it discoverable.


Interact with audience

There is nothing better than interacting with loyal followers. If most people do not easily comment on the post, then take two seconds faster to thank and reply their comment. This proves that you are concern about followers and want to grow engagement. To build interaction with the wider audience, you can add “tag four friends who will love this” on the caption.


Do not forget hashtags

Hashtags help your posts to reach a broader audience. Therefore, it is important to create interactive and relevant hashtags. Another use of hashtags is it allows followers to search for posts that they like. Also, encourage followers to use the same hashtags to be featured on your account and see their reaction.




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