5 Technologies that Will Replace Password

A password can be considered as the most important thing today. Why? It is because the password will make sure that the account and the user’s data are not leaked by anyone or even hackers. The more complicated the combination of your password, the more secure we will log in. It’s no secret; the users usually forget their passwords. As a result, some technology companies try to replace passwords with other technologies which are safer.
One of the latest security technologies is fingerprint as a person identity when accessing their smartphone. In fact, it is not the only fingerprint but there are other things that can be used to replace password. Here are five technologies developed by some companies in order to replace the password.

Technologies that Will Replace Password

1. The Heartbeats Recognition

Just like a fingerprint, each person’s heartbeat is different from one another. In this case, the heart beat can be used to verify a person’s identity by detecting an electrocardiogram (EKG). One of the gadgets that have been implementing this idea is Nymi Band, a wearable that monitors the heart rate of the wearer to perform authentication. Thus, users do not need to type the password to the computer, but just by sitting next to the computer using Nymi bracelet. Computers will be opened.

2. Face Recognition

This idea is quite popular and tested by several companies. The device is used for photographing the user’s face and the face recognition technology. It could be seen from the match between the scanned faces with the data stored device. Android phones have implemented this technology. When the phone recognizes faces, the lock will open. Meanwhile, Apple previously had obtained a patent for this idea. Another company, MasterCard has been allowing customers using facial biometrics to authenticate a payment.

3. Iris Scanning

Iris scanning initially is the imagination shown in the movies. Technological developments allow it to come true. Just FYI, the human iris has different colors surrounding the pupil. In this case, the iris is a unique part that is owned by anyone. Iris could be a sign of recognition of a person. Samsung Galaxy Note 7, is one smartphone that brings this technology to reality.

4. Voice Recognition

Nowadays, more and more companies are using voice recognition software as an alternative to authenticating their customers. It is applied to one of them by the HSBC bank which allows customers to log in to your account using voice recognition.

5. The Lip Reader

In addition to face recognition, a lip reader may also replace the use of a password. Reportedly, a team of scientists at Hong Kong Baptist University has created software scanner that can read how someone pronounces certain words. In a way, this method is very powerful. Although there are people who know your password, it will not mean anything if the owners do not say their passwords.
Well, those are five technologies that are ready to replace the use of passwords. Some of these technologies are already used exclusively by some devices. Perhaps, in the future, all of the devices will use some of those technologies.




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