Benefits of reading: Why You Should Read More

Dr. Seuss once wrote, “the more you read the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” But did you know that reading also exposes you to some serious improvements in your health and happiness? Apart from exposing you to a world of knowledge, reading also gives your brain a different kind of workout. Reading does to the mind what exercise does to the body. If you don’t make a habit of reading regularly, here are some benefits of reading that you are missing.

Benefits of reading

1. Mental stimulation

Just like any other body part, your brain requires regular exercise to keep it strong and healthy. You have to continually exercise it to keep it strong just like any other muscle. When you keep your brain active, you are sharpening its logical ability thus preventing it from losing its power. In addition to this, constantly stimulating your mind slows down the progress or even preventing mental diseases.

2. Reduces stress

Research shows that reading can work as a very good stress-buster. Following a good story can help distract your mind from the stress that you are going through whether it is at work or home. It doesn’t matter what book you are reading, as long as you can lose yourself in it, all your tensions will be drained away allowing you to relax.

3. Improves memory

For each new memory that you create, new brain pathways are forged which also strengthens the existing ones. This assists in recalling of short-term memory as well as stabilizing of mood. When you read a story, you create new memories as you get yourself to remember the characters, their backgrounds, and the plots.

4. Sharpens your writing skills

According to a scholastic report, up to 15 percent of all the words that we know we learnt through reading. Through reading, you are able to expand your mental dictionary as well as your writing skills. It also exposes you to various styles of well written work of different styles and authors which eventually reflects in your writing style.

5. Stronger analytical thinking skills

Reading also helps to put your critical thinking skills to work. This is seen when you are reading a mystery novel and you are able to solve the mystery before you even finish reading the whole book. It shows that you were able to take note of all the details provided and put your critical thinking skills into work. This is also seen when it comes to you determining whether the plot was a well written piece and if the story line ran smoothly.

6. Improves your focus and concentration

In the current world, our attention is drawn into different tasks all at once. Every few minute, a person will divide their time into monitoring their Smartphone, interacting with co-workers, and checking their email. This lowers our productivity and causes a rise in stress levels. However, when you read a story all your attention is drawn to it as you immerse yourself in every detail you are getting which in turn helps you stay more focused.



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