Best Privacy and Security Apps for Phones and Tablets

Trojans, malware, trackers, eavesdroppers, and thieves are just some of the threats you need to deal with when using tablets and phones. Even if it has been nearly ten years since smartphones went mainstream, such problems have not gone away. As a matter of fact, they have only gotten worse. Beyond setting internal security options of the device, you must use several apps that increase how well the device is protected. Below are some of security and privacy apps you can download and install in your mobile devices:

1. Avast Mobile Security


Essential features include manual malware scanning, real-time malware blocking, phishing protection, clean Trojan removal, availability in more than twenty languages, and app permissions. If you do not trust other apps, Avast can also be a good option.

2. 360 Mobile Security


If you know the signs of the smartphone malware infection, the first thing that you must do is to install this app. Among the mobile security apps, it offers the most pleasant and cleanest experience. It’s only downside is that this tries to be an all-in-1 app and some of the features are unnecessary or sub-par. However, the security features are topnotch and that is the reason to use this app anyway.

3. Kaspersky Internet Security


Kaspersky is a renowned name in the world of security so trust is not an issue. The virus and malware protection is very good that it ranks among one of the best security apps for Android.

4. Telegram


If you do not care about voIP, yet do care about privacy and security as far as messaging is concerned, you must begin using Telegram. It is the same with WhatsApp, yet much better, depending on the features that are crucial to you. The messages on the Telegram are stored on the cloud, so they will stay in sync across every device that has it installed.

5. Linphone


If you are using smartphone for voIP and you are concerned about privacy and security, you must think about considering Linphone, which is a great way to make HD calls in a way that is completely secure.

6. LastPass


It’s a password manager that allows you to store your PINs, passwords, and some sensitive information in a sort of vault, which is accessible to all devices. It is safer compared to writing down your password somewhere to keeping this somewhere over the internet.

7. NoRoot Firewall


It’s a security app that helps you manages outgoing internet connections. It is not quite as powerful as the root-enable firewall, yet it does work on the IPv4 connections. You will also see when services and apps like to access internet from your device and you can deny or allow them that access.

8. Sync


Majority of cloud storage services are safe always, yet occasionally, you might want to store something that you do not want to leak in public. BitTorrent’s Sync is a service that enables you to set up devices as cloud storage hosts and you can send the files from and to from some devices.


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