The Deadliest Plagues in History

Suffering certain diseases today may not be as bad as in the past. Not knowing the cause of the disease makes the treatment sometimes quite improbable. Virus or disease spread rapidly everywhere and caused a lot of casualties. The absence of treatment made the virus or causes of disease lasted long in the environment, causing prolonged outbreaks. Here are the deadilest plagues in human history.

The Justinian Plague

The plague began in the Bizantyne period, about 541. The plague got its name from the emperor of East Rome, Justinian I. He also suffered from this plague but still alive. There is no certain number of people who died from this plague but it is estimated about more than 100 million, with approximately 5,000 people died every day. The cause of Justinian Plague was unknown, so there was nothing can be done to cure the disease.

The Black Death

This plague got its name not without any reason. The plague has killed about 25% to 60% from all Europe population in just 4 years, from 1348 to 1351. Approximately 75 million people die from this black death. The plague caused persecution and murder of the minorities such as the Jews, the newcomers, the beggars, and the lepers. This persecution and murder caused more people died, and the number was escalated to 200 million. No wonder it is remembered as The Great Mortality in human history.

The Third Pandemic

The plague got its name simply because this is the worst pandemic after The Justinian and The Black Death. Began in 1850s in China, this plague has killed more than 12 million people in China and India, with more than 60 thousand of people died every single week. China was one of the busiest trade routes in the world so many people came here and infected by the disease, and brought the disease to his/her own country. Until 1960s, the disease still killed about 200 people every year.

Spanish Influenza

This was the first influenza plague in Europe which began in 1918 and spread quickly all over Europe, Asia, and North America. In just 2 years, almost 100 million of people died from this plague. When someone was diagnosed with this influenza, all one can do was wait for his/her death. At that time, even if we knew what was caused the disease, there was no cure or treatment for the virus that is responsible for this influenza.


SARS stands for Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome or Corona Virus Pneumonia, which is caused by corona virus that caused respiratory problems and worst common cold. Where is the virus originated until now is uncertain, but researchers said that there is a possibility that this virus is a mutation from its form which can be found in animals. The plague first began in China and spread over all Asia, America, then Europe. In China, this plague had infected more than 8.000 people in just a week. This plague is classified as the deadliest by its deployment speed.



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