Everyday Activities Which Can Affect Our Health Condition

How long did you sit in one day? We ask you about it because it turns out that sitting too long is not good for our health. Besides sitting, there are some other everyday activities which can affect our health. Some activities we have done for so long actually can get us into sickness. Now we will discuss about it so you can check whether you did one or even all of them.

Activities Which Can Affect Our Health

Using Seated Toilet

Which position do you prefer when you want to defecate, sitting or squatting? Most of us must prefer sitting because it is a lot more comfortable. However, did you know that this position is actually not good to your health? Studies have proved that people who choose squatting has lower risk of getting health issues like hemmorhoids, contipation, and diverticulitis. In addition, sitting position will make the anorectal crooked. Consequently, the feces will be struggling to get out. In contrast, squatting position will accelerate the process. You can actually still apply seated toilet, but make sure there is a small stool for your feet to place on. By that, it will position you into squatting even though you are sitting.


Still about toilet, flushing can also be one of everyday activities which can affect our health. How come? Toilet is a spot which contains invinsible germs and bacterias. So what is the connection of it with flushing? Commonly most people will flush while the lid is still opened. That allows the air to go up while bringing the germs and bacterias as well. As a result, they will be spread out throughout the room. What’s worse is that you might even inhale them accidentally, which will make you fall sick. Therefore, it is better to flush after you close the toilet lid.

Eating Fast Food

Most of us already know how unhealthy fast food is, but some people still love eating it. It is not surprising because it does taste delicious and is alternative choice for low-income community. However, the calories contained inside it is way too much that it can lower our health condition. Overconsumption of the food may lead us to a number of diseases such as obesity, cardiovascular, diabetes, stomach inflammation, and many others. We do not prohibit you from eating fast food, but you must control the amount of it. At least, consume them once a week or month.

Being in Smoking Area

Those who are non smokers must think that they will not get any risks of lung cancer. That thought is no longer exist. Even if you are not a smoker, you can still get the disease if you are happen to be in a smoking area. When you are at such place, you can inhale the smoke no matter what. Thus, the lung cancer risk will be higher along with other illnesses such as heart disease, respiratory disease, stroke, etc.

Sitting and Standing

Who knows that standing and sitting can become everyday activities which can affect our health. Of course it will not affect us immediately. We will get the impact if we do either of them in a long period of time. If we sit too long, we might deal with problems like obesity, cancer, heart disease, disorders on the bones and muscles, and many others. On the other hand, if you stand too long, you might get varicose veins, weak motor system, heart disease, low immunity, and so on. If you do not want to get those health problems, you must balance them with working out.


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