How to Heal and Get Rid of Acne from Your Face?

What is acne? Acne is also known as pimples. It is kind of face problem that is really annoying despite it is not dangerous. Most of the people have acne on their face. Acne may occur because of heredity factor or face cleanness factor. It also has some types and each type has its own treatment to heal. Some of the people cannot help it until they usually do treatment with wrong ways. Acne will leave some marks when you are not treating it well. Nowadays, there are a lot of ways on how to solve acne problem. You can buy some medicines to heal the acne, but it may not be so effective and it can even endanger your skin. So, you need to try natural way which is safer, low cost, and no side effects at all.

Get Rid of Acne

Treating Acne with Honey

Honey is known to have a lot of benefits for human body health. It is really good to kill bacteria because of its antibiotic properties. If there is an infection on your face, then you need to apply some honey to it to avoid acne. Here are some of the tips.
• Take some natural honey.
• Take a small cloth or cotton, and then put some honey on the cloth.
• Apply it to your face evenly for a few minutes.
• After that, you can clean your face.
• Do this technique several times to have an effective result.


Acne Treatment with Ice Cube

When you get acne on your face, you can use a simple way to treat it using an ice cube. This ice cube is able to improve the blood circulation. Moreover, it is really helpful to make your skin fresh and remove impurities. It is really good for someone with oily skin. Here are simple tips to do that.

• Take some ice cubes.
• Put it on a cloth.
• Apply it to your face.
• Wait for a few minutes and then release it.
• Do this technique several times.
Note: If it cannot heal the acne, then you must try other ways.


Acne Treatment with Tomato

Tomato is known to be the best source of vitamin C and A which are really important for our body. Since Tomato has a lot of vitamins, then it can also be good for treating acne that makes you annoyed. How to do it?
• Pick one ripe tomato.
• Chop the tomatoes into several pieces.
• Take the slice and then apply it to your face.
• Wait for it until a few minutes.
• You can do this technique regularly.

Treating Acne with Lemon

Instead of tomato, lemon is also one of the fruits that contain high vitamin C. So, Lemon has a big benefit for treating acne and it will make acne die when you use it regularly. You are recommended to use a fresh lemon to get an effective result. But, you need to make sure that your skin is not sensitive. How to do it?
• Take some fresh lemons to start.
• Then, you can squeeze the lemon and take the liquid.
• After that, you can apply the lemon liquid to the face directly.
• You need to do this technique several times to get the best result.



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