Health Facts about Food You Might Surprisingly Never Heard Of

If you find a hair or two in your food, don’t freak out

Even if you are squeamish, in fact, plenty of foods you’ve been eating every day contains much human hair. Swallowing hair will not set off the digestive problem for you since hair is made of keratin, a kind of inactive protein. Scientists have been inspecting on it and recently came up with the conclusion that it is feasible for staph bacteria to breed in a strand of hair. Even if they breed, the amount of this staph bacteria is not enough to trigger any gastrointestinal issue. Plus, L-Cys, a kind of amino acid that contains keratin is synthetized from human hair and used in doughs or bread (that you eat, a lot). So next time if you find any hair in your food, you could just eat it and totally safe.

Washing Raw Chicken is a Kind of Food Poisoning

Yes, even if you feel it’s dirty to not wash the raw chicken you just bought from the market, you aren’t supposed to do it. Raw chicken contains many campylobacters, the most common type of bacteria which are found on poultry and other meats that is contaminated with animal-feses. If your chicken is already contaminated and you wash it with water, the bacteria can spread everywhere that has water on the surface. Your hands, obviously, and sink, cooking tools, your clothes, etc. The best way to avoid these bacteria is to cover your chicken first (so the bacteria won’t go anywhere) and chill it in the refrigerator. Make sure you cook the chicken thoroughly and evenly, until you find no pink meat and reach at least 74 degrees celcius temperature.

Too hot drinks are carcinogenics

You know that coffee is good for avoiding cancer, but if you often order or make extra hot coffee, you invite the cancer, instead. Very hot coffee, tea, chocholate, milk, and other drinks are likely carcinogens. Researchers from American Cancer Society reported that there is a link between drinking too hot beverages and suffering esophageal cancer. To enjoy your hot drinks safely, make sure it is under 65 degrees celcius or 149 degrees fahrenheit.

You can avoid weight gain simply by dusting your house

Obesity is a serious problem, a result of our unhealthy diet and lack of exercise. But before you change into your sports suit, grab your vacuum cleaner first because you should clean your house before any other thing. Believe it or not, the dust in your home could be responsible for your weight-gaining. Researchers found out that surprisingly the dust in your home contains EDCs (Endocrine-Disrupting Chemicals) which according to its name, is able to disrupt your endocrine hormonal system. When the dust mixed with the cells in your body, the cells will turn into fully grown fat cells. Next step? The fully grown fat cells will accumulate triglycerides, which is responsible for your fat body. So, it is obvious what you should do from now, keep your house clean!


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