Monitor Your Health Using the Best Health Apps

The mobile devices are made to give people with instant feedback on all the problems that you care about the most. That is the reason why it’s not surprising that health-related and medical apps are some of the most famous downloads. Several apps help analyze symptoms and others will allow you to get prescriptions and encourage you to have a healthy lifestyle.

While health-related and medical apps must never be relied on as a substitute for proper medical treatment or professional diagnosis, these can also be helpful tools in bridging the knowledge gap in the place that’s important for everyone. Below are some of the best ones:


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It is your 1-stop shop for all things pharmaceutical. This app helps you determine the pills, ensure that you’re getting the best price on refills and prescriptions, offers guidance on medication, and carries the latest news on FDA alerts and recalls. Information may be exported or emailed to pharmacists and doctors and the best price button generates coupons that will help you save money.


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It is considered as one of the popular health-related websites and definitely a sophisticated app. WebMD enables 24/7 mobile access to numerous details about health. The features include first aid essentials, symptom checker, local health provider listings, and drug and treatment descriptions. WebMD can also be personalized to store information about your family.

Instant Heart Rate

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It uses the camera of your smartphone to detect the pulse in your fingertip and offers an instant read-out about your heart rate. You may store data on your phone or you could sync with an online Azumio account for you to download data and some applications. Its Pro version is basically ad-free and enables users to store more than five measurements. Its iPhone version also provides a graphical presentation of heart rate.

Glucose Buddy

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It is the most ideal app that will help you deal with diabetes. This app allows you to track the glucose numbers, insulin dosages, carbohydrate consumption, exercise, and some activities important in stabilizing your condition. All data is synced automatically with you account on Glucose Buddy and the notifications will remind you when it is time to enter other data.

Quit Smoking Pro

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Quit Smoking Pro

It serves as your own quit smoking coach that will help you kick the habit forever. This app helps you set targets and will tell you how much money you’ve saved and provides you important health facts and offers a constant stream of motivational quotes that will help you stay on the right track.


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If you have troubles about getting an appointment with your doctor, ZocDoc will help you lock down your preferred date for appointment in 3 simple steps. The first step is to enter the zip code. The second is to pick from the list of doctors and their available time. The third is to complete the appointment schedule. You may filter by location, specialty, insurance or date coverage, and a calendar system that keeps track of all your appointments.


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