How to Slow Down Aging Naturally and Increase HGH Levels Legally

Human growth hormone (HGH), as the name suggests, is responsible for our growth, the production of this hormone and secretion into the bloodstream originates from the (anterior) pituitary glands, where this hormone is released in pulses, which are controlled by the hypothalamus. This hormone works alongside insulin, which acts as a growth factor (IGF-1).

Precisely, Human Growth hormone provokes secretion of insulin, besides taking proteins into muscles to enhance growth, and returning deposited fat into the blood stream to be burnt for energy production. This keeps your muscles thriving and virile, helping you slow down aging and increase HGH levels in your system.

slow down aging


How HGH works

You are wondering how this hormone achieves the goal of promoting growth in humans. Well, here are several processes that it takes to achieve this.

  • HGH is responsible for supporting pancreas in production of such hormones like glucagon, insulin (which works alongside HGH), ghrelin, among many others.
  • This hormone also enhances formation and uptake of glucose in the liver.
  • Further, HGH also promotes protein synthesis and deposition into muscles for growth.

Now that we know how HGH works, what can we do to increase it in our bodies? This is quite simple


Slow down aging and increase HGH levels

To achieve slow down aging and increase HGH levels in your body you can pursue both natural and human-induced processes.

1. Hormonal balance

Both testosterone (in men) and estrogen (in Women) hormones add to the growth of growth hormone in humans. The growth of this hormone is, however, different in regard with the genders. In women, this hormone is produced in larger quantities as compared to their male counterparts. In women, this growth is at its high all through a pre-menopause lifetime, being at the peak respectively with phases of menstruation cycle.

Maintaining an optimum balance of these hormones, especially estrogen hormone can go a long way to slow down aging naturally and increase HGH levels.

2. Vitamins uptake

If you are working on increasing levels of this hormone in your body, ensuring you watch your diet for vitamin B sufficiency is inevitable. This vitamin is further essential in keeping you healthy, adding to the advantage of slow aging and increase HGH levels. Maintaining sufficient level of vitamin D in your body also helps in the production of this hormone, so giving that some consideration can also pay you back significantly.

3. Amino acids

As is the case with vitamin B, ensuring enough uptakes of proteins, which are broken down into amino acids, gives your body the necessary input for the production of this hormone naturally and stress-free. This is essential in achieving slow aging and increase HGH levels in your system.

4. Low blood sugar

Low blood sugar as well naturally contributes to the production of human growth hormone. Avoiding glucose after a workout to decrease your blood sugar will enable your body to produce this hormone in sufficient amounts. You may also opt to fast cut down on glucose levels in your stream to achieve this balance.

5. Intensive exercise

Taking part in physical fitness workout regularly or on a daily basis can also help in ensuring production if this hormone in your body. More interestingly, optimum levels of this hormone’s production during exercise are achieved faster in women than in men.

6. Adequate sleep

If you are having difficulties getting enough sleep, you should not only be concerned about insomnia. There is a high possibility that your body is missing the opportunity of maintaining HGH levels required. This should give you a clear and enough reason to have enough sleep, for the good of your body.

7. HGH supplements injection

Although taking synthetic samples of this hormone without medical advice or prescription is illegal, doctors if needed, sometimes administer it. It is advisable; however, that you ensure taking induction of this hormone into your body only if it is necessary.

8. Glutamine supplements

Taking glutamine before bed or after a workout also helps in producing this hormone in your body. It is recommendable that you take at least 2 to 10g a day. Having this as part of your daily activities, you will automatically slow down aging and increase HGH levels tenfold.

No one wants to age and shell out his or her vibrant, youthful coil. This hormone goes all the way to achieve this advantage for your body. However, a decrease in its production at middle age cuts short its efforts to keep your vitality at optimum. It is important to go an extra mile in maintaining this hormones balance in your system. Nevertheless, it is advisable that you ensure natural and legal procedures in acquiring this important hormone and keeping it sufficient in your system.


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