Some Unique Tips to Make Your Day More Enjoyable

Do you know that you can actually do the little things to help you solve simple problems in your life? Well, life hack might be a solution for those of you who are confused to solve small problems in your life. Therefore, you can read some tips of unique life hacks below that you can do at home.

1. Cleaning Dust

fan remove dust

Perhaps, you are a lazy person who does not want to sweep the floor using broom. In fact, your floor looks so dirty because of the dust. If you’re too lazy to sweep using a broom, you can use a fan to remove the dust. Just simply turn on the fan, and then get rid of the dust from your home.

2. Broken Car Mirror

broken car mirror

Is your car mirror broken? You may need an emergency mirror for your car. What can you use? Just simply take your mirror that you usually use to make up. Just use the small one, and then put the mirror on your car mirror holder. Well, at least it can help you to drive to an auto repair to buy a new mirror.

3. Car Cup Holder

car cup holder

You may be wondering how to hang your cup of Starbuck in the car. In this case, you can use a roll of tape and then just simply glue it on the dashboard of your car, then you can put your cup of Starbuck in the hole of the tape roll. It is really simple but effective.

4. Broken Door Bell

broken door bell

Perhaps, you still want to make your doorbell function when someone come to your home while your doorbell button is broken. The way is quite easy, just simply remove the button, and then let the doorbell wire mounted. Next, write a note on a paper and stick next to it “to ring the doorbell, connect the wires”.

5. Creative Lamp Hanger

lamp hanger

You may find it difficult to hang the lamps on the ceiling of your home. What should you do? Well, you could try to hang the lamps of your home using a clothes hanger. The way is quite easy, just simply hang the cloth hanger on the ceiling, and then hang the lamps on the hanger. Just roll the cable in the clothes hanger.

6. Enjoy the Nature Differently

Enjoy the Nature Differently

You might get bored to enjoy the nature just sitting in front of your house. Try something unique and more fun. The way is quite simple, you just simply take your sofa out and then put the sofa on your house roof. There you can enjoy the nature from your house roofs. This is silly, but fun.
In summary, those are several unique tips of life hacks that you can do at home. By doing a little life hack, it means that you can make your life more fun and easier. Therefore, those tips may be inspiring all the people who really never figure out how to solve a little problem in their life.


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