Some Technologies that May be Implemented in the Future

Talking about technology, we will never get to its end because technology is limitless. There are so many inventions related to technology until now. Some of the instances of technology are smartphone, television, laptop, airplane, car, and much more. All of those technology inventions are available today and you can have them all. However, in this article, I do not talk about today’s technology, but the future technology which may be available in several years to go. What are those technologies that are more sophisticated than today?

Future Technologies

The Technology of a Flying Car

Have you ever watched “Back to the Future” the movie where the professor creates a flying car? The movie was created in 1985 and predicted that in 2015 all of the people have flying cars. However, it is not happening yet until now. So, where is the flying car? Though it is not available yet today, some of the car companies have done some research to implement the flying car idea. Still, it is not available yet next year. Perhaps, it will be available in ten years later. You only need to wait for it for several years.

Time Machine Technology

It is still in the same movie “Back to the Future” that talks about the time machine. The car made by the professor is actually a time machine which can be used to go to the future and back it time. This time machine is also not available yet until today. Is it possible? According to the theory, the people can go to the future using a time machine. Therefore, some researchers are still doing their researches to know all about the time machine and hopefully, they can create one someday. Perhaps, one hundred years from now, anyone can enjoy going to the future and back in time as easy as driving a car.

Self-Driving Car Technology

Self-driving car technology is the best way to solve some car accidents that commonly occur in highways. This technology is one of the technologies that will be implemented soon because some car manufacturers have created some self-driving cars but they are not published yet until it works perfectly. By having a self-driving car, you do not need to drive anymore and you can sleep in the car. This self-driving car will be probably available in ten or twenty years to go. So, you have to be patients to wait for it.

Hologram Technology

You may be familiar with video call technology where you can communicate with your friends while you can see their faces on the screen. It is not special anymore because there will be hologram technology that will replace your video call. By using hologram, you can communicate with your friends while you can see your friends’ body in 3D. This will make the chatting experience become more fun.

Well, those are several future technologies that will be available soon in a few years to go. But, you also have to be patient because some of those technologies may not be implemented soon. It all depends on the research that they conduct. When the technology is promising, then it will be soon published and anyone will be able to use it freely.


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