Three Drinks That Can Reduce Dark Circle around Your Eyes

Do you wake up in the morning and realize that there are dark circles under the eyes which are also called as Panda eyes? Almost everyone has ever experienced it including men and women. Panda eyes or dark circles under the eyes can appear because of the hormonal changes, sleeplessness, stress, or heredity. Its appearance is quite disturbing, and if it is not immediately removed, then it can cause some health problems.

woman eyes

However, you are no need to worry because panda eyes can be overcome with some delicious drinks. Well, it is not mistaken that some refreshing drinks are not only delicious and healthy, but also these drinks are powerful enough to overcome the dark circles on your eyes effectively, especially for those who have sensitive skin. Are you curious?

1. Tomato Juice

Not only eliminating dark circles under the eyes, tomatoes can also help make your facial skin clean and soft. You just need to chalk up some tomato juice which is mixed with some lemon juice. After that, you can rub it around the eyes and leave on for 15 minutes and then clean it up using enough water. You can apply this natural ingredient in the morning and before going to bed. In addition, you also drink the juice but you need to mix it with some mint leaves.

2. Orange Juice

This can also help reduce some dark circles around your eyes. You only need to mix the juice with some glycerin. After that, you can use and apply the mixture to the dark circle of the eye. Not only dispels the eyes of the panda, this herb also makes your eyes look more glowing and clean.

3. Cold Milk

You can use a cotton ball and then you dip it in cold milk or ice water for a while. Then, apply it to the eyes and make sure the cotton covers the entire surface of the dark circle of the eye. Leave for some time then rinse with water. Perform this treatment regularly and then the dark circles under the eyes will be reduced. Cold milk also makes your eyes healthier and fresh.

4. Yogurt Drink

Applying yogurt under your eyes and applying it for 15 minutes before bed can block the dark circle. You just need to wipe it without washing it and let the juice seep through the skin all night. This is quite effective to reduce dark circles that are really annoying and disturbing.

5. Dyed Green Tea

You must not waste the dregs of your dyed green tea. You compress each eye with the remaining green tea dye for 10-15 minutes and it will remove the eyes of panda. Green tea has an anti-inflammatory property and its caffeine content has a diuretic property. So, it must be good for skin and it can get rid of dark circles of the eyes.

Well, those are several healthy drinks that you can use to reduce dark circles around your eyes. You can try one of those ways or you can try the entire ways to get the best result. Finally, there will be no more dark circles that are really disturbing and make your appearance look awful.



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