Some Tips on Keeping Your Eyes Healthy

The eyes are the window to the world. With eyes, we can see and do our activities more easily. Thus, keeping eyes healthy should be our main priority, especially if we often work with a digital screen in quite a long time. If you want to keep your eyes healthy, then you can try some tips below so that you can always keep your eyes healthy.

Some Tips on Keeping Your Eyes Healthy

Resting Your Eyes

Often working in front of a digital screen can make your eyes quickly tired and dry. Thus, you can put into practice the rules of 20-20-20 agreed upon by the experts as a way to keep our eyes so that they are not too ‘ tormented ‘. Every 20 minutes, rest your eyes by looking into the distance as far as 20 feet (6 meters) for 20 seconds. You can use the darkening screens and adjust the brightness of your digital display so it does not overload your eyes.

Wearing Sun Glasses

Sun radiation can cause cataracts in the eyes to develop more quickly. Thus, if you are outdoors, then you can wear solar glasses that protect you from UV-A and UV-B. A hat or an umbrella can also help protect your eyes from ultraviolet rays.

Eating Healthy Foods

Our eyes health is affected by the health of nerve cells and blood vessels as well. That is why good foods for the health of blood flow can also be consumed such as fruits, vegetables, and wheat. Foods high in Zinc content such as beans, lean red meat, poultry meat can protect the eyes from light damage. Meanwhile, the Vitamin A helps the cells of vision.

No More Smoking

Smoking can accelerate cataracts and can lead to dry and uncomfortable eyes. Its effect on the blood vessels also harm the retinal blood vessels that can cause blindness. Therefore, you must think twice before you start smoking again or you must never try to smoke so that your eyes will always be healthy. Besides, smoking can also bring other health issues such as lung diseases, infertility, cancer, and much more.

No More Alcohol

The excessive alcohol consumption in a short term can cause blindness permanently because of the direct effect from the alcohol to the optical nerves. Besides, alcohol can also slow the communication neurotransmitter in the brain. If the brain cannot have a good communication with the eyes, then the eyes will not function optimally and effectively. In addition, alcohol can also influence the vitamin intake in the lever where the vitamin may be very important for the health of the eyes.

Enough Sleeping at Night

You may know that if you do not rest your eyes, then it will cause some problems to the eyes. A research shows that the eyes need at least five hours to sleep at night. If you do not have enough sleeping, then you may have some eyes issues. Your eyes may become so stressed so it will make you less concentration. Besides, your eyes will also be dry and then it may cause some eyes problems such as eyes sore. Itching, redness, and blindness.


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