Top 10 Benefits of Almonds

Almonds are one of the healthiest nuts that you can find. They provide a very specific list of nutrients that result beneficial to your body whether you want to keep your body fat low or want to build muscle. The best part of this healthy treat is that you can eat it however you like so that you don’t make any excuses just to be healthy. Here are the top 10 benefits of eating almonds on a daily basis:

Benefits of Almonds

  1. The have an extremely high nutritional value. The almond has a very good amount of vitamins, proteins and healthy fats that only make up 207 calories per ¼ of a cup. That’s a pretty good deal if you think about it. The most abundant nutrient is vitamin E, composing 61% of its nutritional value.

  2. They’re great for building muscle. If you want to get in shape, count on the almond to boost you muscle building process to really fast speeds. Your metabolism will strike through your whole body by burning fats and building muscle faster that you can say “DRAXE is awesome”.

  3. It prevents heart disease. You weren’t expecting this fact, were you? The almond contains a high amount of fatty acids that serve as antioxidants that clean your blood vessels very efficiently. The inflammation of these vessels are cut down to improve heart functionality.

  4. Healthy brain and healthy skin. Whether you believe it or not, the almond’s vitamin E helps the skin create compounds that fight skin cancer from poor diets, pollution and exposure to UV light. When referring to a healthier brain, the almond positively impacts brain activity with the riboflavin that it contains. Increased brain activity means that there are slimmer chances to get Alzheimer’s disease.

  5. It maintains blood sugar levels steady. The healthy fats in almonds increase the speed of your metabolism and therefore the speed that your body processes unhealthy sugars and fats. They slide right past your body and are put to the bottom of the list for being absorbed by your body.

  6. Increases nutrient absorption. Talking about absorption, healthy fats function as solvents for many nutrients. Those are fats that almonds contain, so basically your body is making the best out of every meal if you include almonds in your diet.

  7. Helps you lose weight. By including this snack in your diet, you feel more full than the usual so you eat less naturally. As a plus, your body’s metabolism is boosted so you feels better a few days after eating them on a daily basis.

  8. Stronger teeth and bones. The almond contains magnesium and phosphorus. These two elements help your body produce stronger bones with more rigid and purer strains of calcium.

  9. They can be consumed in any way, shape or form. You can consume almonds in any way you can imagine. Whether you want to drink it, chew it or eat it, you may do so. The highlight of this benefit is that none of the nutritional value is lost during the process. You can roast them and have them with any meal you like!

  10. They’re a good cure for a hangover. That’s right. If you had a rough night drinking, then you’d better start munching on this tasty snack because it’ll make you feel better once you start digesting them. This is because of the hydrating nutrients that can also be found in the almond. Your veins pop out and get refreshed by the air.


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