Top 10 cricket rules

Cricket is one of the famous game around the world and billions of people take interest in watching this game and play as well in their country. According to the international cricket council only 10 teams are permanent while other teams also play but seasonal. Usually these 10 teams participate in the cricket throughout the year and different series happens between these teams and also tournaments take place. Still, many of the people are not aware of cricket who love football and even do not take interest in watching this game. Here are top 10 interesting rules of cricket for the awareness of the cricket lovers.


1. Review

Review is new rule given by the ICC to the player and bowler power as well. Both of the teams keeps one review in each of the inning. For example, if any of the players got out on any ball of the over, then he can claim for the review to recheck the ball if it is no ball or there is some mistake in the decision of the umpire. However, the third empire checks ball through camera footage and confirm whether it is out or not. The same thing bolwer can do and ask for the umpire to recheck if out or not, in case umpire does not give out.

2. Free hit

Free hit gives a lot of runs and can be beneficial, if other team do no ball in the last moments of the match. Free hit given to batting team when bowler does no ball. Then free hit given to the batsman, if anyone does catch on fire hit, it will not be considered as out.

3. Power play

On the power play only 3 players allowed to stand outside of the first bounder so that batting team could make good runs and give a huge target to the other team.

4. D/L method

If match become spoil due to weather and other conditions, then D/L method would be applied and runs and over would be deducted from the original target.

5. Bowl with jerk

The umpire can give no ball if bowler does bowl with a jerk. It is not allowed in the bowling and follow only standard instructions while doing bowling.

6. If no ball

When a bowler does no ball and someone does catch of the player then it will not be out because of the no ball.

7. New ball

When an inning would start, the new ball given to bowling side, even if the ball become completely damaged in this case, old ball but in good condition given to bowling team.

8. Biting to the ball

It is not allowed in cricket to take a bit of balls to make a hole in the ball of swinging the ball.

9. Balling action should be 90 degrees

If any of the bowler does not do ball with 90 degree angle, then his bowling action could be banned and he as to change the action.

10. Do not be angry on an umpire

If the player does not accept the umpire’s decision and do misbehave with umpire then player could be given plenty of money or matches as well.


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  1. Neurissa Wade says:

    the last rule is wrong because no player could be given money if they misbehave with the umpire

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