Top 10 Best Cuisines in the World

by top10


Are you an avid foodie? Then this article is meant for you as it briefs about some of the popular cuisine. These popular delectable mouth watering foods from various countries keep your taste-buds tickled and help in spicing up your food life.

1. Chinese cuisine


Chinese cuisine is a popular cuisine among a number of food lovers. It comprises of styles initiated from the various parts of China and also from the Chinese scattered across the globe. The Chinese staple food comprise of noodles, rice, sauces, vegetables & seasonings. Cantonese, Anhui, Jiangsu, Hunan, Szechuan, Shandong & Zhejiang are some of the regional cuisines. In the Cantonese Chinese regional cuisine the traditional cooking procedures such as steaming, stewing, frying are utilized. Dim sum, & Pecking duck are a few renowned delectable Chinese dishes that tickles your taste buds.

2. Italian Cuisine


The Italian Cuisine is regarded as one of the oldest cuisines on the globe with its origins dating back to the 4th Century. Wine and cheese plays a prominent role in the Italian Cuisine. Coffee particularly espresso is another significant item in the Italian cuisine. Pasta dishes with the tomato as main ingredient are a very popular Italian dish. Noodles of varying shapes and sizes are added into the Pasta dishes and based on it the pastas are called by various names such as maccheroni, penne, linguine, spaghetti, lasagna, and fusilli. Tortellini and ravioli are some of the major ingredient found in it.

3. Thai Cuisine

Thai cuisine

The Thai Cuisine is another popular cuisine in the world. Many Thai foods which are now popular have its roots in China.  Some of the well-known Thai dishes are fried rice noodles (kuaitiao rat na ), rice porridge (chok), steamed buns (salapao). Fermented bean paste (taochiao), tofu, soya sauce are some of the major ingredients used in the Thai food.

4. Indian Cuisine


The Indian Cuisine is another traditional cuisine in the world. Cultural and religious options characterize the Indian foods. The Indian foods are prepared with the native herbs, spices, vegetables, etc. Rice, bajr (pearl millet), Atta (wheat flour) form the staple food in Indian cuisine. The north Indian foods are prepared with mustard and peanut oil, whereas the South Indian foods are prepared with coconut and sesame (gingelly) oil. The South Indian foods are flavored with curry leaves. Saffron, rose petal essence, cardamom, are used for seasoning the sweet dishes. Idly &, Dosa and chapatti are some of the popular Indian foods.

5. French Cuisine


The French Cuisine is renowned for its delicate nuance and affluent flavors. Champagne, Lorraine forms part of the French cuisine. Lavender, Olive oil, honey, garlic  are some of the major ingredients used in the French foods. Hot chocolate, pasta, yoghurt finds a prominent place in the French cuisine.

6. Spanish cuisine


Sausages, stewed cod bean tortilla, tomato bread are the common Spanish foods.  Rice, Spinach, eggplants, peach, lemon, almonds and orange are the common ingredients used in the Spanish cuisine.

7. Mexican cuisine

mexican food

It is a composite cuisine used with native ingredients as well as the elements brought by the Spanish explorers. The local ingredients comprises of cocoa, tomatoes, squashes. The Spanish and other Europeans introduced chicken, pork, herbs, cheese into the Mexican cuisine. Tortillas made out of corn and wheat is a popular Mexican food.

8. Australian cuisine


The Australian cuisine is greatly influenced by the British traditions. Olive oil, pickled onions, quince paste, egg noodles, Barossa cheese are some of the common ingredients used in  the Australian cuisine. The Australian meat pie, Australian hamburger, fish and chips are some of the popular foods

9. Japanese Cuisine

japanese cuisine

The Japanese Cuisine is another popular cuisine preferred by the food lovers across the globe. Cooked vegetables in broth, pickled vegetables, and fish form part of the Japanese foods. Red bean paste is a major ingredient used in the Japanese cuisine. Sushi is a delicious Japanese food that has gained immense popularity.

10. Lebanese cuisine

Lebanon Cuisine

The Lebanese cuisine consists of enormous quantity of whole grain, starches, vegetables, fruits, fresh fish, etc. When compared to the red meat poultry is often used in many Lebanese foods. Olive oil, and garlic are the major ingredients used in the Lebanese cuisine. The foods are often seasoned with lemon juice. Douma (cooked lamb and yoghurt along with rice), Hammana ( a stew made out of Kidney beans) are some of the popular Lebanese food.