Top 10 foods that will help you build sturdy muscle fibers

We live in a generation where the vast majority of people strive to become the fittest versions of themselves as soon as possible. Although impatience is a notorious drawback that we see day to day to be a demotivator for young potential bodybuilders and fitness freaks, we have a few tricks up our sleeves to get you to reach your goal as soon as possible, and no, we’re not talking about taking steroids because there are many side effects that aren’t worth your time or money. Healthy food is a very important and necessary supplement for our bodies. Whether we seek to lose weight or build lean muscle, everything we eat throughout the day defines the rate in which we develop our muscle. Since you’re here to get all of the shortcuts to large muscles, we’ll give you a list of the top 10 supplementary foods that you simply HAVE to eat so that your muscles get the nutrients that they need to grow properly and rapidly.

1. Eggs


Eggs are probably the most versatile supplements to your diet because you can prepare them any way that you wish to. Whether you want them hard-boiled, scrambled or fried, you’ll always get the protein that your body asks for. Just remember to use a non-stick pan instead of butter (and its substitutes) or oil to avoid consuming the extra, unnecessary fats.

2. Cottage Cheese


Tasteless and chunky? Yes. Full of vital protein for your body and helps you build muscle fast? Also, yes. Don’t underestimate this white substance because it is extremely concentrated with the proteins that you need to consume so that your muscles get exponentially bigger at the end of each month. You might not like it when you eat it alone, but you’re allowed to eat it alongside other foods mentioned in this list, as well as salad.

3. Oatmeal


Whether you like it or not really depends on how you prepare it. To get the facts straight, this food is high in protein and carbs (which are good for muscle growth) and fill you up rather quickly. If you prepare it with milk, then you’ll be consuming more protein than originally intended. Eat it every morning and watch how you get bigger by the day.

4. Lean Beef


A classic bodybuilding main dish. Lean beef is the epitope of a protein meal and can be prepared in any imaginable style as long as the ingredients are not fattening. Other than its high concentration of protein per gram of lean beef, it also comes along with a reasonably high amount of fibers for your muscles to slowly soak up so that losing your muscle mass becomes harder for your body to do.

5. Whey Protein

Have you ever seen people walking around the gym with a shaker? Then you should know that they’re consuming some sort of powdered protein shake. It’s not a drug and has no side effects since they’re either made from milk of beef (and taste pretty good too). And the biggest upside is that they actually work.

6. Tuna


Another food that you might either love or despise. It’s a good replacement for whey protein and can be eaten as a snack between meals.

7. Avocados


Full of healthy fats and really tasty. Can be eaten with salads or as Guacamole if prepared with the healthiest possible ingredients. Healthy fats permit your body to absorb ALL of the proteins in your foods without excluding any small bits.

8. Broccoli


All vegetables are healthy, but we’re naming broccoli because it has a good amount of reputation in the bodybuilding community. Vegies with higher amounts of fiber tend to be better for building muscle.

9. Chicken


If prepared without being fried and eaten without the skin, then chicken is a go-to meal because of its global accessibility. Anyone can make their own chicken meals with no problems and can be prepared in many different ways to suit your preferences.

10. Potatoes


Carbs, carbs and more carbs. May sound like a fattening meal, and you’re probably right, but if consumed after a workout, muscle gains will skyrocket in a few weeks!


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