Top 10 Fruits to Eat Everyday

Fruits are not just delicious, but they are also healthy for our body. The best thing about fruits is that they don’t have any fats and therefore you can eat them as much as you like and you will not have to bother about dieting ever in your life! In this article, we will shortlist top 10 fruits of the world.

top 10 fruits

1. Apple

Apple is juicy and delicious. When it comes to taste, it is probably only second to Mango but many people prefer apple over mango as well! Apart from the yummy taste, it is also good for health and is rich in Vitamin C. And yes, an apple a day, keeps the doctor away!

2. Banana

There was a time when Tennis player used to eat Bananas during their game breaks. That is because Banana is easily digestible and provides energy to the body quickly. Banana shake is considered as one of the best beverage as well. It is also one of the most inexpensive fruit.

3. Orange

Orange is no doubt one of the yummiest fruits of the world. Rich in vitamin C and fibre, orange is also useful in curing cold and cough. And an orange juice is one of the yummiest fruits drinks to have! Orange is also one of the most popular flavours around the world.

4. Pineapple

Although it is a real tough job to chop a pineapple, yet there is no doubt that pineapple is one of the tastiest fruits of the world. Most of the people like to have it as juice or with ice cream, but a raw pineapple does not taste bad either! It is rich in vitamin C and fibre as well.

5. Strawberry

This seasonal fruit is world famous for its peculiar royal taste. It is eaten by even those people, who don’t like to eat much of fruits. Women in particular like it very much. It is also the sweetest smelling fruits in the world.

6. Watermelon

It will be hard to find someone who does not like watermelons. It consists of 90 % water but still the taste of watermelon is just superb. This red fruit is also rich in  minerals and fibre. According to a recent survey, watermelon is the favourite fruits among kids.

7. Sweet Lime

Sweet Lime is called the sister of Orange. This is due to its resemblance with orange in both shape as well as taste. But it is harder to peel a sweet lime than an orange. Nevertheless, sweet lime is one of the most delicious fruits.

8 . Mango

Mango is called the kind of fruits and rightly so. The varieties of ranges, which one can find in Mango, are truly unmatched and second to none. It is hard to find someone who does not like this fruit. A popular survey voted mango as the best fruits among people of all ages.

9. Sugarcane

Sugarcane is probably the longest fruit of the world. Like its name, it is all sugar and is also used to manufacture the same. Sugarcane juice  is the best thing that one can have in summer season.

10. Grapes

Grapes are just yummy. The sweet and sour taste of grapes is unmatched. Gape is also used in manufacturing wine and grape juice is one of the tastiest juices that one can ever drink!


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