Top 10 Popular Inventions of All Times

The advent of technology has made the life of a common man very easy. It has shrink the distance and brought the entire world into his palm. A look into some of the renowned inventions will help you know how it has facilitated your life.

1.  Telephone


Telephone is considered as man’s one of the finest invention. The Telephone invented by Graham Bell in the year 1976 is the initial device that has facilitated individuals to directly communicate with each other over great distances. The landline phone got evolved as mobile phones and as smart phones incorporated with mobile phone communication, internet browsing, and other computing requirements.

2. Computers


Computer is another exceptional invention that has eased an individual’s life. Charles Babbage regarded as the “Father of computer” invented the initial mechanical computer in the early part of the 19th century. The early computers were analog computers. An electrical or mechanical model formed the foundation of computation. The analog computer got evolved into digital computers. The early digital computer came only with fixed program. If one intends to change his program then he needs to rewire and restructure the machine which became an arduous task. This computer got evolved into the present day computer with the incorporation of integrated circuits (IC) microprocessors and advanced computing technologies. One can modify his program; enhance his computing skills, knowledge as per his convenience and requirements. With the assistance of internet which is a broad computer network one can communicate with each other get quality information, entertainment with just a mouse click. On the whole computers provided mankind with an innovative era of enlightenment.

3. Television


Television is the work of numerous people. John Logie Baird provided the initial public  display of televised Silhouette pictures in action. Television is regarded as exceptional medium for entertainment as well as education. Many movies, talk shows, sports, science &  technology  programs are telecasted that keeps individuals entertained and informed right in the comforts of their homes.

4. Automobiles


Automobile is another exceptional invention that has made an individual’s life a lot easy. Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot devised the primary steam powered automobile in the year 1769. Karl Benz invented in the year 1886, the initial gasoline or petrol motorized automobile. The advent of automobile has reduce the travelling time for an individual. Now he has the convenience of reaching his preferred destination in the quickest possible time.

5. Cotton gin

cotton gin

The Cotton gin is an extraordinary machine that segregates the cotton fibers from the seeds.Eli Whitney invented this machine in the year 1793. This machine helps the cotton fibers to be separated in such a way it can be processed into clothing and the other cotton merchandise.

6. Camera

old camera

Camera is another great invention by mankind. It is an optical device which records the images or pictures which can be directly piled up conveyed to another spot. These pictures can be either be movies or videos. Louis-Jacques-Mandé Daguerre is regarded as the inventor of the initial practical procedure of photography in the year 1837.

7. Steam engine


The Steam engine is a wonderful invention that facilitated the life of an individual. It is a device that does mechanical work utilizing the steam as the operational fluid. In 1606 the initial steam engine was patented by Jerónimo de Ayanz y Beaumont, a Spanish inventor. Later in the year 1781, the Scottish inventor James watt patented the steam engine which generated constant rotating motion.

steam engine

8. Sewing Machine

sewing machine

A sewing machine is a device utilized to sew the fabric and the other cloths together with the thread. Charles Fredrick Wiesenthal, an engineer born in Germany was given the initial British patent for a mechanical instrument that assisted in the sewing art. Charles’ invention comprised of a dual pointed needle with an eye at one of its end.

9. Incandescent Light Bulb

Incandescent Light Bulb

The Incandescent Light Bulb is a brilliant invention that made an individual’s life radiant. Dissimilar to the accepted belief Thomas Alva Edison did not invent the electric bulb, however he enhanced a five decade old notion. The initial light bulb was devised in 1809 by the British Chemist, Humphry Davy. Later in 1878, the British Physicist, Sir Joseph Wilson Swan created the realistic long lasting light bulb ( lasting 13.5 hrs). A year later in 1879 Thomas Alv Edison carried out a meticulous research and came out with a carbon filament light bulb that lasted for nearly forty hours. In an oxygenless bulb, Edison fixed his filament. He enhanced the design based on the patent he procured in 1875 from Mathew Evans & Henry Woodward.

10. Penicillin


Penicillin is another brilliant invention that improved the well being of an individual. It is a collection of antibiotics which was obtained from the Pencillium fungi. It served as an efficient antibiotic and helped in combating detrimental diseases like bacterial infections. In 1928, Alexender Fleming discovered Penicillin. The industrial manufacturing procedure of penicillin was patented by Andrew Jackson Moyer.


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