Top 10 Things to Remember When Upgrading Your Home Entertainment Area

It does not take much effort to transform a typical room into a home entertainment area. All you have to do is to add a TV. But, if you want the area to be exceptional and enjoy an actual movie theater experience, here are some of the things you should remember when taking your home entertainment area into the next level:

Best Home theater

10. Look for the Best Visual Spot

Scientists and engineers have toiled hard to come up with an optimal viewing distance for watching HDTV. The math is definitely simple. You just have to take the diagonal screen size of the display and multiply it by 1.5-2.5. This is how far your chairs, couch or seating choices must be placed relative to the TV’s front.

9. Try a Soundbar for a Small Room

Majority of HDTVs at present can pump out loud sound, yet nothing provides a cinematic experience with dedicated speakers. For a small room, you can consider getting a soundbar that packs different speakers into a horizontal, single low-profile package. Some of sleeker models may fit below the screen while some act as a type of reinforced base with the television sitting on top.

8. Clear Space for the Wall-Shaking Bass

Another audio upgrade, which comes from a subwoofer is a bass-only class speaker that is made to vibrate the room literally. Never mount such boxy behemoth in your cabinet, but instead, install them on the floor.

7. Stow Your Speakers in Bookshelves

Setting up your speakers is another thing to consider for your home entertainment area. Even if you can pull this off with massive floor-standing speakers, a subtle approach is to put speakers in the bookshelves.

6. Mount Up for the Surround Sound

The most complex, yet best audio setup is full surround sound that typically entails 6 total audio speakers and channels. You can place one for the right, left, and center.

5. Go for 3D

If you want to watch tons of 3D content, you should get yourself a set that features stiff back. This will tilt your head to 1 side and to another, which will give you a 3D effect.

4. Check the Angles

Several HDTVs may be viewed from extreme angles while others need more of dead-center position. Before drilling any holes or purchase new furniture, try sticking your TV where it is going to go and see to it that none of the seating options are getting short-changed.

3. Take Note of the Glare

Aside from checking bad angles, you should also consider the light that hits the screen from your windows. The same applies for unnatural light.

2. Kill 2 Birds with a Curve

Screen glare and bad angles can be dealt with opting for curved HDTVs. The bend in such displays increases the total viewing angle to the TV while limiting the glare.

1. Use Your Headphones and Sit in Anywhere You Want

TVs and headphones were an awkward fit, which will require you to sit uncomfortably close to the TV or determine where to put bulky, interference frequency transmitters that work with the wireless headphones. But, there are some headphones that will not give you issues like this.


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