Top 10 Things That Make Him A Good Spouse

Being in love in a right time with a right person has been a dream of everyone in the world. When someone starts a relationship with the one they love, surely there will be no intention of breaking up. Who wants to get divorced once they are married? Everyone expects a happy ending with their relationships. But falling in love with a right person isn’t that easy. So just pay attention to the top 10 things that make him a good spouse.

best spouse


1. You are happy when you are with him

This is the first most important thing when you want to know whether he is suitable for you or not. If you can be happy with him, then it’s very good. The point of being in love is to feel happy right? But if you get angry almost all the time when you are with him, that means he isn’t suitable for you.

2. He is responsible

To be a good spouse, he needs to be responsible. If he can’t be responsible of every action he has done, how can he take care of his family?

3. He cares about you

He cares about what happens to you today, what makes you happy or sad and how he can help you with the problems.

4. He is willing to listen to you

A good man is a man who wants to listen to their women. It often happens that a woman doesn’t need a solution. She only needs a person who wants to listen to her. If he is willing to do this simple thing for you, he is surely the man that is worth your love.

5. He introduces you to his family and friends

When somebody loves you, he will always want to introduce you to the closest people in his life. That is because you are IMPORTANT to him.

6. He is a hardworking person

He is a hardworking person because he knows you are important to him. He wants you to be happy when you are with him. He doesn’t want you to suffer and he understands that nothing comes without hard work.

7. He accepts you for what you are

Whether you are fat or thin, short or tall, he will accept you. He won’t keep comparing you with other girls because he loves you.

8.  He knows how to make amend for you when he is at wrong

Not every man can say sorry although they make mistakes. But at least they know that they are at wrong and try to do something to make it up for you. That will show how important you are to him

9. He considers you in everything he does

When he loves you, he will be willing to consider you in everything he does. He will think of you before deciding to do something.

10. He always supports you

He will always support you in everything you do. Even though he can’t be present, he will always be “there” for you. Whatever your problem is, he won’t leave you. You will go through it together with him.



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