Top Tips On How to Stay Motivated

We are often tormented by negative emotions that keep us de-motivated and halt our journey to success. Sometimes we would be in high spirits and at times our confidence level dips down. You may be wondering is there a way to have a stable mind and have a constant motivation? Well some of the below mentioned tips will help you to get constantly motivated.

how to stay motivated

  1. Have clear vision about your goals.

You may be having numerous goals which may vanish or take another form. You need to be clear about your objectives. If you watch a lion going for a kill, you will notice it will not chase all the deers for hunting. It will fix its eyes on a potential prey and waits; it will not touch even if another deer passes by. Once it has decided its prey the lion chases and goes for it. No matter whatever the hurdles may be it catches its prey. You need to learn this important lesson from the animals. You need to be clear about your objectives and go for it.

  1. Be in the company of the successful person

A small drop of poison can make a glass of pure milk highly toxic. Likewise being in the company of a pessimistic person can make you get de-motivated. Hence always be in the company of successful optimistic minded person.

  1. Say positive affirmation

Whenever you are in low spirits, you can say positive words to yourself like “ I am fine I am sure that I will pass this hurdle come out of flying colors.” you can write these kinds of positive sentences and place it in a your bathroom, study room or in your car’s dashboard.

  1. Listen to motivational speeches

Listening to positive speeches of the renowned motivational speakers like Les brown, Tony brown, etc. will help in enhancing your confidence.

  1. Get inspired from the celebrities.

There are lots of celebrities from whom you can get inspired. The life of Abraham Lincoln would be a great lesson. He faced continuous failures both in his personal and public life.  He lost his sweetheart, lost the senate election, then the vice president nomination and finally he tasted success as President of the United States. The reason for Lincoln’s success is he remained constantly motivated. This is one vital lesson you need to learn from his life.

  1. Read motivational books

Another way to get motivated is to read book written by motivational writers Dale Carnegie, Napoleon Hill, and Shiv Khera.

  1. See the other side of life

You can go for a long drive and observe how people get motivated. You can find a lot of physically and financially challenged people leading a happy and contended life.

  1. Dream as if you have achieved

Another exceptional way of staying motivated is to imagine as if you have accomplished your goals. You can dream about living in a sprawling mansion, with uniformed servants, owning your dream car, etc.

  1. Anticipate the unexpected

Another proven strategy you need to adopt is accepting things that come in your life. Do not brood or lament.

  1. Remember victories

Memorizing your past victories, will help you provide the required confidence and stay motivated.



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