Top 10 Uses of Internet

There is no doubt that internet has been one of the biggest discoveries of this century. The world has drastically changed since the advent of the internet. With internet, now it is possible to do lots of things that were not possible earlier. In this article, we will shortlist top 10 uses of internet. So, let’s get started:


1. Checking emails

It is reported that the first thing that 90 % of Internet users do when they connected to the net is to check if they have received any emails. Internet has drastically changed the mail pattern and has made it incredibly fast.

2. Download

It is hard to find an Internet user, who has not used it to download music and movies. Apart from it, there are lots of other things that can be downloaded using internet as well.

3. Search For Relevant Information

If you are not sure about something, then one of the easiest way to know more about it is by searching it on internet. Internet has got a huge database of information on almost every subject and one can easily find out lots of information on any topic using internet.

4. Book Tickets

Online booking has made things really easy. Be it a movie ticket or flight ticket, you can book just about anything using Internet. The process is very easy, convenient and super fast.

5. Shop Online

The use of internet is not limited merely to booking tickets. With help of net, you can do a full-fledged online shopping. On popular e-stores like Ebay, Amazon etc., one can find almost anything that he needs to buy. These e-stores are reliable and you can find quality products at most competitive rates on them; and all this can be done without even stepping out of your home!

6. Make Friends

One of the best things about internet is that is has made communication very easy and convenient. World is a small place now and one can get connected to just about any part of the world without any problem. There are many sites and forums on net, where you can find likeminded people and make friends with them. All this is possible only due to internet.

7. Socialize

Social networks have got really big since last decade. Facebook and Twitter are the new online hangouts of net-izens and who likes to share all the latest happening of their life on these social networks and keep their profile duly updated. Now it is possible to be in touch with all of your friends and relatives, however big they may count in numbers and all this is possible due to social networks, which acts as a very convenient and effective platform for online socialization.

8. E Banking

Banking was never so easy and convenient before! Right from opening an account to operating it, E-Banking has really been a big boon for everyone. Not only can one view his account activities but he can also execute online transactions from the comfort of the home.

9. Data Sharing

Data sharing was never so easy and quick before! It doesn’t matter, if you have to send a file or song, a picture or a ebook,; with help of internet, you can send just about anything at anywhere and that too, in no time!

10. Online Freelancer

Internet has also created great opportunities for people who are interested in working online as freelancers. Be it writing or web designing, e-commerce or entrepreneurship, now it is possible for everyone to show off his talent online and make a living out of it. Millions of freelancers make their living online and this number is increasing substantially every year.


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