Top 4 of Drama Movies in the World

Do you like to watch drama movies? There are thousands of drama movies in this world that you can watch, but there are some movies that are categorized as the best drama ever that you should watch. Therefore, you should not miss some of the best drama movies. Here, we would like to show you the top 4 of drama movies in the world that you have to watch before you die.


the sea inside

The Sea Inside is also a movie based on the true story of the best in the world. The film is directed by Alejandro Amenabar. The story tells of the tragedy experienced by a fisherman from Galicia, Spain. Fishermen suffered paralysis in his lower body in an accident while diving. The film is adapted from the character Ramon Sampedro. Though paralyzed, Ramon still campaigned for 30 years to support the action of euthanasia.



The Motorcycles Diaries is also categorized as a movie based on the true story of the best in the world. This film delves into the journey of Ernesto “Che” Guevara and Alberto Granado who traveled America Latin in 1952 with ancient motor, called as “The Mighty One”. Both of them spent time traveling more than a year with a distance of over 12,000 km, from Argentina through Chile, Peru and Colombia to Venezuela.


into the wild

based on the true story movie of the best in the world is Into The Wild. This is a movie that tells about the trip of McCandless. The actor named Emile Hirsch had a role as McCandless. McCandless is a bright young man and comes from a wealthy family. However, he feels that his parents live with hypocrisy. Since his father often commits violence against her mother. Ironically, McCandless was born from his father’s affair. He feels disappointed and deceived, McCandless decides to have an adventure as well as looking for a motivation from his travels.


the pianist

The Pianist is also crowned as the best movie based on the true story of the world. This is a film about the life of Wladyslaw Spilzman (Polish Jewish pianist) with his family in the days of the Nazi invasion (Germany) to Poland. In those days, the Jews included Spilzman experienced tremendous pressure. Because the arbitrary thing that was done by the Nazis, Spilzman left his family. Spilzman met his fellow artists who eventually helped him to hide from Nazi soldiers.

In conclusion, those are the top 4 drama movies that you must watch before you die. Those movies are based on the true story. so you may be brought to a real life when you watch this movie. These four movies are categorized as the best drama movies in the world. Therefore, you should not miss these movies. You can enjoy these movies to watch along with your family or friends. In fact, there are a few more best drama movies that you have to watch. Perhaps, we will discuss it later.


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