Top 7 Great Apps for Small Businesses

With the popularity of powerful and prevalent apps, small business owners and entrepreneurs are depending on such savvy tools to help their businesses run more smoothly and grow. These mobile apps will help you stay connected, organized, and visible, which will help you succeed in the long run:

1. Evernote


evernote logo

It’s an app that makes sure every user will remember everything. Through following the users to organize, store, and share photos, text, and voice notes, the entrepreneurs can keep track of your brilliant ideas. The famous app has secured millions of dollars in funding and already acquired Penultimate and Skitch to add to their great features.

2. Google Drive



The all new Google Drive app allows users seamlessly edit and port files from computer to smartphone to tablet. Not only it’s a fully-featured office suite, Google Drive also serves as a complete cloud drive, allowing you to store file types through virtual drive apps and web interface.

3. LocalVox



It’s a web marketing app, which enables brick and mortar businesses to build their brands over the internet. This also enables the owners to publish events, deal announcements, and news with just a button across numerous online channels such as local directories, websites, newsletters, and social media.

4. Tripit



It’s an app that enables business travelers to keep track of their trip arrangements in a unified place. It also gathers weather updates, directions, and maps to make travelling a breeze.

5. Expensify



It’s an app made to help anyone track of the business expenses while allowing the users upload and scan receipts.

6. Square



It’s the transforming the way people transact through empowering anybody with a tablet or smartphone to accept credit card payments easily. There aren’t any monthly fees or sign up, instead the service takes 2.75% of every transaction.

7. InDinero



Designed in year 2010 by 2 university students, InDinero is a simple way of tracking business cash flow as well as manage daily finances. It also syncs up to the bank accounts and credit cards. It also helps the businesses to predict cash flows in the future, which is very beneficial.


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