Top CAD Software in 2017 Every Engineer Have to Master

Drawing has reached its golden age. With advanced technologies, we can say now talent has nothing to do with design work. But not just beautiful, your design drawing also has to be precise and accurate. That’s why whatever kind of designer you are, you need to be able to master computer-aided-design (CAD) software.

Autodesk AutoCAD

Who doesn’t know AutoCAD? Even if you are not an engineer, you must ever hear about it. AutoCAD is maybe not the first, but AutoCAD is the one which “exploded” in the market. Almost before using the other CAD Softwares, you should be able to use AutoCAD first. To learn it, you can download AutoCAD for Student for free or use it for free with a trial period. The use of AutoCAD is enormously wide in various field such as engineering drafting, architectural, graphic/industrial design, even for fashion. So, you can say once you master AutoCAD, it will be easier for you to master other more specific software in your field. AutoCAD has an easy-to-understand interface and complete tools for every task you want to do. There are lots of training, books, and tutorial videos (free or paid) you can find everywhere since it is used in all countries in the world. Why not give it a try?


Time is money, so SolidWorks developer who understands about it came up with this software which is quick to learn, simple, and easy. People said that SolidWorks is easier than AutoCAD but those who work using this two software, say that it is undeniably comfortable if you master AutoCAD first. Because SolidWorks has fewer tools than AutoCAD which means if you wanna go more detailed, you must rely on AutoCAD. SolidWorks is cheaper to be officially bought than AutoCAD and has more supportive after sales. You can build a mass design and still be able to look at or change every part of individual designs and view it from 360 degrees angle to see if there’s any error in your design work. Make less error, save time, and increase the productivity, those are the goals of this software which is also same with engineer’s goals.

Autodesk Inventor

Yes, you heard it right. Both AutoCAD and Inventor are developed by the same company, AutoDesk. They even develop Autodesk Revit, which is the next most used CAD Software in every list you could find on the internet. Inventor is mostly used for mechanical engineering or product designing which contains LOTS OF DETAILS. With Inventor, we can make digital prototyping (more than just 3D) that compatible with AutoCAD especially for prototyping plastic and metal products. Inventor is also included with Bill of Material (BOM) which is developed by Autodesk special for manufacturing industries. The prototype you made can be animated and rendered beautifully with this software.

Autodesk has a very good data management with for its drawing, drafting, documenting, and other software. If you are an engineer, we recommend you start from Autodesk’s software first for your convenience.


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