Top ten most useless websites to waste your time

We all know that the internet is the huge frontier of communication, information sharing and also the biggest time wasters that is existent to the records of the humanity. We got Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and many more websites that can be used as a social media to interact with the new people or using it as a media to gain a few bucks for a meal on your table. There are many useful website that we have discussed, and you can find it all on our list here.

But for once in a while, let us step down from many useful websites that can improve your social relationship, soft and hard skill, or any beneficial things that can make you a better person in your life. And instead, let’s take a gander on several…. useless and sometimes outright weird websites. These websites that we discussed today are positively the most useless website that you have ever seen in your entire life, but still entertaining nonetheless to waste your time around when you have nothing to do on your Sunday afternoon.

Here are the list.

1. Eel Slap

Vent out your anger by slapping an eel to creepy man over and over by a simple gesture of swiping your mouse cursor! To be honest, it would be better if an additional whopping sound is added into this website for a maximum eel-whooping experience.

2. Koalas To The Max

When you visit this website, you will be greeted with a single large green circle. Swipe upon the circle and you will find yourself frantically swiping up your mouse cursor to see the hidden secrets that lies within this website. Recommend this website to your friends with OCD for a better result.

3. Noooooooooo!!!

Press the button in case you are in dire situation. That is all what is it in this amusing yet useless website.

4. PointerPointer

Wanna see a mind tricks? Check out this website and just place our cursor anywhere inside the white rectangle. And yes, I guaranteed that it will blow your mind to the max upon seeing the results by yourself.

5. Cat Bounce

Internet loves cats. That is golden fact and has running strong for the entire existence of the internet. And you can see the reason why you should be a cat person in this website by playing with hundreds of cats falling down from the sky.

6. You’re getting old!

Yup, you’re getting old indeed. But you can see other cool useless fact regarding the time that has passed until you reach this age with the various amount of information provided in this website.

7. Ducks are the best

Quack, quack!

8. Make everything OK

Sometimes, everything just went out to the drain in our live, and we wish that there is a button that can make everything OK. This site offers you exactly that, but may with a less desired effect that you wished it to be.

9. Virtual Staplers

Oddly entertaining. Please staple with a careful discretion.

10. The end page of the Internet

Congratulations! You have reached the end page of the Internet. Now go out and do something useful in your life.




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    Check out for more funny, useless and weird websites. It’s fun 🙂

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