Uncovering The Top 5 Smartphones with Great Music Playback Abilities

It is very obvious to see that smartphones have become an important part of our modern life. Not only that this type of gadget is a great companion to help you get connected with your friends and families easily, these devices have become a great source of our entertainment. A smartphone now comes with many different functions and we can now equip our device with more impressive and interesting mobile applications. Everyone must have their own preferences when it comes to purchasing their own smartphones. If you look for the right mobile phone for music lovers, then you might want to consider the top 5 smartphones with great music playback abilities.

Sony Xperia Z5


Previously before the explosion of smartphones, we enjoyed great music experience in a great mobility through our walkman from Sony. Today, Sony still pay a great attention to the music abilities of their smartphones. Through their Xperia Z5, Sony is trying to retain their tittle as the manufacturer of amazing audio devices. Sony has equipped their Xperia Z5 with Walkman music player and ClearAudio+.it offers an incredible music experience. You can also enjoy it personally using the Sony earphones.


lg g4

The manufacturer of this music smartphone has complemented their product with High Definition Audio and Quadbeat 2 earphones. Using this phone is almost like listening to the hidden musician inside the phone. The loudspeaker of LG G4 might not be the loudest in this category but it simply produces decent sound. The Quadbeat 2 earphones have to be one of the most impressive features from this device. Most audiophiles must be pleased with the music experience provided by the quality earphones.

HTC One M9


This quality smartphone has turned out to be one of the most popular choices among music lovers in the world. This smartphone has come up with complete specifications to support its music abilities. It is well equipped with front-mounted stereo speakers empowered by BoomSound Technology. Not only that the users of this HTC phone can enjoy loud and clear sound output, it is almost impossible for us to find any distortion even when you play your music in high volume.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5


Samsung was never a great choice when it comes to music smartphones. However, this huge Korean manufacturer has proven those assumption wrong through their Galaxy Note 5. This device actually offers excellent mutimedia experience to the users. With minimal distortion at high volume mode, the sound output from this mobile device is also great. It has come up with useful and cool music features including Adapt Sound, Smart Sound and Music Square.

Apple iPhone 6s


In addition to a great sound output, this music smartphone is also equipped with improved music player and redesigned earphones. Unlike other top 5 smartphones with great music playback abilities, iPhone 6s offers unique earphones that will suit your ears perfectly. This smartphone might not be the loudest product in the market, but it surely has a great capacity to introduce a new music player app and produce great audio quality.



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