Unleash Your Photography Skills with Some of the Best Nikon and Polaroid Cameras Under $200

Taking photographs is one of the best past times that you can ever have, and for some, it is even a good source of income, especially if you are really good. But, what if you are in a tight budget? Don’t worry because Polaroid and Nikon have got some good selection of cameras under $200 that will never break the bank and let you take as many photos as you want and capture all the important moments of your life.

Polaroid Cube


For those who want a camera with a quirky and fun design, the Polaroid Cube is exactly what you need and you can have it for under $200. This somewhat unconventional camera has been designed in cube casing, which makes it a very interesting gadget that you can have fun playing around with.

This Polaroid camera is packed with Wi-Fi connectivity as well as a free app which lets photographers perform a lot of functions like print, view, shoot and share images on mobile devices. Despite the images fixed at 8 megapixel resolution, you can choose the resolution for videos which ranges from 720p to 1440p.

Nikon Coolpix L32

Nikon Coolpix L32

The digital camera lineup of Coolpix L32 is by far the best cameras from Nikon under $200 which comes in a very compact and attractive case which is small enough to fit in your pocket. This digital camera has outstanding range, made possible by the trademark NIkkor camera lens which offers excellent wide angle features for photography. There is also a variety of handy features which makes photography a very fun activity like Smart Portrait System, letting photographers choose any mode right away while taking pictures. With Nikon Coolpix L32, you can be sure that photogtaphy will be easier and more fun than ever.

Polaroid Z2300


Polaroid cameras are one of a kin devices which let you capture and print everything at a mere press of a button, with Polaroid Z2300 being among the best Polaroid cameras under $200 due to its expandable memory, high quality prints and compact size LCD. This camera makes use of an exceptional printing technology from ZINK in order to provide the finest quality of prints. Z2300 is elegant, refined and sleek and small enough to be easily carried in a pocket to make it incredibly easy for photography enthusiasts to capture fantastic images right away. Aside from quality, this also delivers in quick time for every image can be printed in less than 60 seconds.

Nikon Coolpix L840

Nikon Coolpix L840

Nikon’s Coolpix lineup of digital cameras happen to be among the best point and shoot cameras that the brand has to offer and Coolpix is among those choices ideal for casual photographers. This Nikon camera under $200 takes detailed and scintillating images because of the low light CMOS image sensor and 16 megapixel camera. Photographers can also expect for amazing flexibility when searching for range because of the 338x optimal zoom range of this camera. It is also made with built in safety hazards like vibration reduction that make it suitable for those struggling with shaky and blurry camera images.


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