What are the top 10 family entertainment movies?

1. The wizard of Oz


This movie has been a classic icon and has inspired many filmmakers and actors. People of all ages have liked it and are still liking it, the script, the plot and the direction is just very engraving and keeps you entertained at every point in time which is the reason why it is been loved by many individuals.

2. Harry Potter

harry potter

All the movies of the harry potter series are highly interesting as magical as it gets, the cinematography and the screenplay is amazing and the magical bonanza looks very really and scintillating. This movie has numerous lovers and followers around the globe and can be very highly entertaining.

3. E.T


This movie is a story of an extraterrestrial that somehow ends up on earth and becomes a good friend to local boy. It’s a tale of their friendship and the love they share between them, it’s a movie on how a 10 year old boy copes with his neighbors and other people to fight for his alien friend and send him back home.

4. Chitty Chitty bang bang

Chitty Chitty bang bang

This movie is one of the most loved family movies of all times and has generated a lot of viewers and lovers. This is story of a dad who constructs a flying car and flies into an unknown land; it has various turns and events which compile the movie in a fine manner.

5. Spy Kids

Spy Kids

The spy kids franchise has a great name all around the globe, the spy kids movie is a highly vibrant and colourful movie with some very lively characters in it. The direction, the acting and the backdrop of each and every scene is highly interesting. All these things add to the flavour of the movie.

6. Ella Enchanted


This movie is based on a fairy tale story and has some very magical experiences which add to the movie’s value. This movie has some of the best dance sequences, some of the most real looking special effects and the story line is highly attractive and straight forward.

7. Freaky Friday

Freaky Friday

This movie has many positive points which make it attractive; it is based on a story of a girl and her mother and how both of them transform into one another. The story has a lot to offer to people of all ages and it can be very entertaining and the story keeps you at the edge of seat throughout the movie.

8. Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory

Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory

This is a story about a chocolate maker named Willy wonka; he runs a factory of his own which makes a chocolate with a secret ingredient. The movie promises to offer a large dose of entertainment to various people and it also shows you a bond of love between wonka and a boy.

9. Wall-E

wall E

This movie is made by the Pixar studios of Disney entertainment and has the best quality animation and a great story line to support its cause. It is completely based on a robot and how he fights to bring back life on earth and his style, charm and attractiveness adds to the value of the movie making it very entertaining.

10. Ratatouille


This is another animation movie based on a rat and his cooking skills. This movie depicts the bond of friendship between a man and a rat and shows how both can help each other get themselves up from all their problems. This movie is a complete entertainer in all manners and should be a must watch for people of all ages.





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