You Will Thank Researchers for These Health Technology Inventions Soon

A Supercool Workout Suit with Self-Ventilating Technology

workout suit
MIT Res earchers have made a workout suit with self-ventilating technology that is very responsive to your body temperature and sweat. We are also curious to death how can this suit open and close the ventilations by itself. It turns out that they 3D-printed this workout suit, which allows the microorganisms to be printed onto the sheets of latex. These critters help the suit to expand and shrink the ventilations itself (with various size, from nail to finger-sized) by detecting the heat and sweat on the wearer’s body. The ventilations will be bigger where the body generates more sweat and heat, and vice versa. It is important since heat and sweat are not the same. Example, your lower spine often produces a lot of sweat but just a little heat. It might sound weird to have other creatures on your body, but the scientists confirmed that it is totally safe to wear. Your other clothes might contain more harmful bacteria, in fact. Just wait for the collaboration of MIT researchers and commercial brands to sell this cool stuff in the market.


A Wearable Technology That Turn Your Sweat into Energy

wearable technology

Good news for people who sweat a lot! You can be the new energy resource. Researchers from the University of California came up with a square patch that can be embedded in your skin, where the enzymes in the device can feed on your sweat to produce energy. Although it is not a suit, just a single square with a few centimeters size, this patch can generate enough energy to power a radio for two days, entirely. But that’s just the beginning. The researchers have been planning to create the later versions of this patch where it can be connected to your smartphone or other devices. If you forgot to charge your phone or left the charger at home, no worries! Just plant the patch on your skin and move around. The newer version of this sweat-powered patch is also planned to be able to detect the physical health of the wearer. Can’t wait to buy it (when it is affordable, obviously)!


Drink Everything from Everywhere with LifeStraw

Drink Everything from Everywhere with LifeStraw

Believe it or not, the number of people die from polluted/contaminated water is higher than people who die from violence and war. So, researchers had been trying to solve this problem and developed this life-saving device called LifeStraw. This device is now chemical free and able to purify approximately 1,000 liters of water before it has to be replaced. An inch-wide tube with nine inches long, equipped with a mouthpiece on one end will weeds out almost 100% of waterborne bacteria. Escherichia coli, salmonella, other waterborne protozoa such as cryptosporidium can set off vomiting and diarrhea for you, which without any healing-treatments (exacerbated by a dirty environment) could take one’s life. LifeStraw can be a solution over the world where clean water is hard to get, such as in Africa, India, some parts of Indonesia, you name it. So even if you don’t need one, you still can purchase the LifeStraw for saving others’ lives.




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