World’s Top 10 Current Powerful Politicians in 2016

Politicians play an important role in the development of a country. The world has seen many great politicians emerging out in last decade. In this article, we will have a look at the ten of the world’s most powerful politicians. So let’s get started with the list!

Narendra Modi


If there is any one Prime minister from India, who has impacted the country in such a short span of time, it is Narendra Modi. The person who used to serve tea to the people as a kid has done reparably well to become the chief minister of Gujrat State and finally Prime minster of India. Within six months of his election, the world has finally started looking India with the respect which she always deserved. Modi aims for corruption free government and calls himself as a prime servant than a prime minister! He is presently leading the race for Times person of the year award.

Vladmir Putin

Vladmir Putin

Russian President Vladmir Putin has emerged out as one of the strongest and powerful leader of the world. Russia had become one of the most dominant countries in the world under his presidency. He is known for his firm stand and outspokenness. He is considered to be one of the strongest leaders of all times.

Barak Obama


Barak Obama came into power when the world was going under economic slowdown and US too was badly affected by it. At that time, people needed a leader who can fill them with hope and Obama was able to do it successfully. As a result he was re elected as president after his first term and is considered to be one of the great presidents US has ever had.

Angela Merkel

Angela Markel

Angel Merkel is the present Chancellor of Germany and is considered as one of the most powerful and influential Politian of today. She has played a pivotal role in last couple of decades to bring Germany at par with other super nations of the world in almost every field.

David Cameron

David Cameron

David Cameron is the present prime minster of United Kingdom. He is known for his board vision and has helped UK to develop friendly ties with all the nations of the world.

Manuel Valls

Manuel Valls

The prime minster of France has helped France to maintain her supremacy as one of the strongest nations of the world. He is very popular with masses as well and is considered to be one of the best Politian of modern times.

Xi Jinping

Xi Jinping

China has done very well in all fields in last decade or so and the government has been responsible for sure. Xi Jinping has played an important role in making what China is today. Although his reforms are not popular with the masses, yet there is no doubt that he has worked very hard in bringing China at par with the most powerful nations of the world.

Shinzo Abe

Shinzo Abe

Japan’s prime minter Shinzo Abe is by far the most popular leader of Japan. Shinzo aims at development and his vision has helped Japan in developing friendly ties in Asia and all over the world.

Dilma Rousseff

Dilma Rousseff

The president of Brazil have done very well in making Brazil’s presence felt in the world. She is only considered second to Angela Markel in the race of most powerful women politician in the world.

Stephen Harper

Stephen Harper

The prime minister of Canada, Stephen Harper is a low profile politician, who makes his actions speaks more than his words. He has been serving as prime minister of Canada since 2006 and has played an important role in the betterment of Canada since the last decade.


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  2. Bibhuprasad Nath says:

    Proud to be an Indian. And this is for Modi ji.

    • Ismail says:

      Please also search on the google the most stupid PM of the world. Thats more beneficial ,

      • Deepak says:

        जितने जखम है मेरे सीने पर ये फूलो के गुचे है हमे पागल ही रहने दे हम पागल ही अच्छे है

      • suryanath says:

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  3. Santosh says:

    Proud our prime minister
    Jai modi jee


    it’s great leader of india Mr Narendra modi

  5. bk patel says:

    Prode india sir modi ji

  6. Rakheem Sudani says:

    Xi Jinping – “Although his reforms are not popular with the masses…”

    That’s an understatement…

  7. vishwanath says:

    We are Indians & modi our leader

  8. arjun says:

    i proud on my pm modi ji

  9. Narendra Modi is undoubtedly top politicion in world.

  10. Tabrez qaisrani says:

    Imran khan should be in this list . Pakistani politition .
    A great play boy & a great polition , if you notice it . Plzzzzz…

  11. J Mohan kamath says:

    Undoubtedly our PM is a great politician and world statesman. Outside India he is a unquestionably good leader. Unfortunately in india with political reasons an unsuccessful attempt is being made to belittle him. But he is strong enough to stand out to his critics. Long live Modiji.

  12. gamade adula galgalo says:


  13. Kundan Kumar Das says:

    East or west India is the best, proud to my pm

  14. prasanta kumar panda says:

    We are proud of for indian prime minister. I believe after few years the whole world will follow him .

  15. Vikas says:

    Namo means men arm Mr Narender Modi

  16. sant says:

    Gret pm mr.modi

  17. Rajesh Kumar Mandal says:

    great leder and grat prime minister of india Mr.Narender Modi

  18. vishal gupta says:

    modiji is good better best

  19. amit says:

    my india is pm narendr modi best pm

  20. sajjad says:

    The White House has never seen a woman president. If Hillary Clinton
    is elected President in 2016
    Bill Clinton will be 1st First Gentleman,Making New History of America

  21. midhun p s says:

    bharth matha ke jai

  22. Prashant s says:

    Never ever any one lead India so nicely. Jai modi ji

  23. S.HARI KRISHNAN says:

    I am proud to be a INDIAN,because of MODIJI

  24. S.HARI KRISHNAN says:

    I am proud to be an INDIAN,because of MODIJI

  25. Puru sharma says:

    Jai modi jai india

  26. Totan Saha says:

    Proud of modiji

  27. ululu says:

    The best president in the world is Tanzanian president. John pombe magufuli.

  28. satyappa nm says:

    Namo man of devlopment love you modi jiii world top political leader

  29. Raghu says:

    India is first ????????

  30. Narendra bhalwara says:

    Modi ji is best

  31. Jaydip vala says:

    Namo Namo

  32. an INDIAN says:

    Modi ji is the best
    3cheers for modi ji ..hip hip hurray hip hip hurray hip hip hurray

  33. rahul das says:

    iam from India ..and I love modi .modi is the best in the world

  34. niaz says:

    Imran khan is the best

  35. shah says:

    wrong information modhi is the top criminal

  36. Kassem says:

    Where is Imran khan from Pakistan? 2nd most powerful politician. Admin has altered the list and remove imran khan name. You son of a bitch

  37. Karim says:

    Yes modi no# Hindu terrorist

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  39. gulzaib khan says:

    where is imran khan?

  40. Imran Khan a Pakistani Politician should be Mention in the List .. .. ..
    I Think He is the Most Powerfull Leader in the world……

  41. Where is Imran khan ?? ?? ??

  42. Mido Arunachal says:

    modi is the best

  43. Sandeep says:

    We indian are bless to have such adroit Prime Minister as Modi. No one in the world is fortunate to have such patriotic Prime Minister. Love you modiji ghar ghar modi

  44. lucky raj says:

    One day sanatan religion urgent be super power of the world

  45. I praud of modi and Indian genretio

  46. Shivprasad says:

    Pm Narendra Modi is great

  47. erdogan says:

    Erdogan is the biggest leader.

  48. salman khan says:

    hahahaha what a joke its indian page

  49. susant says:

    We love our nation and pm narendra modi also respect other nation .

  50. dr poonam kachhawa says:

    Dear friends,
    I can tell you that if Mr N D Modi is allowed one more term and the growth rate continues to be around 7-9% of GDP the surely our country would come closer to china, Thailand and even any of the european countries except england france and germany, as far as PQLI is concerned. (Physical quality of life index)…

    Politically, economically, militarily and geo-strategically it would become a super power.

    • AshfaqAhmed says:

      Miss poonam yours people are dying with hunger,a large proportion of Indian population do not have the availability of toilets ,clean water and more than 40^% of your population are living below the poverty Level . Indian Peasant commit suicide and you still Dreaming that your country would come close with European countries ..i Pray for your country success but at least this dream will never shape into reality until and unless you elect These type of extremist and foolish politicians .who do not even have courage to at least the right to their wives.Poverty is over mutual enemy lets come and kick out those who distribute hate .

      • kirtesh suthar says:

        21% below poverty line first correct your knowledg… and let me tell everyone this come from the country who dont know about their population since decades… ????????all knows who r fools… ????????

  51. ashu says:

    NAMO is topping the list and its pride for INDIA too.
    however can the acheivements of NAMO also stated briefly here.

  52. vishu says:

    modi is great

  53. tittu says:

    Great modiji proud to Indians

  54. Shashank says:

    Fake news fela rahe ho.
    Agr news sahi h to
    Minimum source ki link dena chahiye.

    Rumour fela k kama rhe ho

  55. Prof Dr Ramakrishna Babanna Nayak Kawdoir says:

    If at internatiinal level all key leaders are come to closer to our PM Mr. Narendra Mody then I am confident there is free movement through out world without any travel documents like viza etc and he will make World free from all respect withina decade

  56. Prof Dr Ramakrishna Babanna Nayak Kawdoir says:

    PM Mr. Narendra Mody’s intention is to intigrate the World and he treat all are human being and is equal. He is today a Right person to answer to universe to over come different ideology.let us all give big support ih his present view.

  57. Sagar says:

    Har ghar modi 2018 pm is modi

  58. shekhar damle says:

    The step for making India a corruption-free nation has started

  59. Anoop Chandel says:

    What a great personality of our Prime Minister Mr Narender Modi ji the best Prime Minister of world.

  60. rgaur says:

    We are truly blessed for having a great PM.

  61. Avadhut says:

    World is 1 politics modi

  62. Greater Pakistan says:

    yes surely indian are truly blessed in having the most foolish prime minister in the world ..Modi Chaiwala

  63. Debabrata Mishra says:

    I personaly supprot to Modiji for this historical decession for India’s groth…thanks sir I fill proud to be an Indian

  64. Vishnuvardhana says:

    I proud my nation pm modi is a best pm in world
    Jai modi

  65. chauhan says:

    Namo namo
    I proud of india and pm narendra modi

  66. abhijith says:

    the legend PM .Modiji

  67. Srinivasa says:

    Modi is our power

  68. Rom Baral says:

    Mr. Modi could use his mind for economic and good regional relationship in Asia and to the world too. But he thinks himself very smart and leaders from neighboring countries are weak. It is not so, all are smart and they are waiting to treat/respond him when they will get good time. If he is a good leader, why did he supported the border blockade from India to Nepal?? Nepali people and many people from the world were keeping an eye to that criminal activity because Nepal is land locked country and currently mostly depends on India for food, medicine, and other supplies.

  69. Aneesh says:

    Proud to be an indian
    Jai modi ji

  70. Modi is the best P.M in the world

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  72. Mark says:

    Bernie Sanders is the most popular/liked politician in America!!!

  73. dilip says:

    bharat mata ki jai

  74. Kishore says:

    I am proud that Indian prime minister is a top leader of the world.

  75. indrajit debnath says:

    our modi jee is best

  76. Narendra modi is one of the great leader in the world

  77. Narendra modi is one of the great PM in India

  78. Joseph says:


  79. Deepak Bhagat says:

    PM Modi is the best leader of the world.

  80. ObombaIsACriminal says:


  81. Arun says:

    I support Narandramodi

  82. adil says:

    imran khan is best leader

  83. Birendra Kumar Pradhan says:

    Narendra modi ji I like you because you are the men of power Indian political system

  84. prashant says:

    Proud to be an Indian with modi

  85. DIGVIJAY SINGH says:

    For your kind attention to the person who have trouble with the list , please visit the page issued by “Forbes”… There is no any Pakistani Leader…..ohohohoh….Shame….
    Proud to be Indian. JAI HIND

  86. ER MOHD SALMAN says:


    • Lucinda says:

      Rudd’s problem was not that he lost the ability to communicate but he became an olnm-ocmudicator. The 24/7 news cycle demands fresh meat all the time. That’s why the ALP has basically become a PR organisation than a party with real values.

  87. Aniruddh says:

    I proud to be and Indian.I love Modi Ji because his short period of administration,India have touched better development and better GDP growth and India Overtakes Britain As The World’s Sixth Largest Economy.
    We the People of India should appreciate administration Of ModiJI

  88. Ya Modi ji is the best prime minister in the world………………..

  89. Narendra Modi is the best leader in the world……………

  90. Such apowerfull leader he is (Modi) all indian proud of him…………..

  91. Jo says:

    Where is magufuli, president of Tanzania or you think Africa has no great leaders. We are people, not M….

  92. Kamal chanak says:

    Modi is the best pm of india

  93. Narendra modi is the best king in the world……………………………………………………

  94. asfdsgfdg says:

    Who said that the donkeys are popular?
    All presidents and other leaders of all ranks Queens… in the world are dirty Crypto-Jews, just puppets. Hide their parentage as thieves. American are relatives in addition. Board is fraud. History is a Jewish lie.

  95. Such a miracle prime minister in world we are proud of u sar

  96. chandrasekar says:

    my heart modi ji great pm

  97. Manukamal says:

    Mr.modi Super leader in india

  98. King Richard says:

    Number 1 RTE

  99. Need to followed the foot steps of other in the world

  100. Good leader always a thinkers

  101. Nice Article…….but many great leader are missing

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